Sharan Patnaik
Sharan Patnaik's Fundraiser

Join Lila, Celine and Sharan in supporting EROC this #GivingTuesday!

Because we all have a role in ending sexual violence.

$40 towards $100

Join Lila, Celine and Sharan in supporting the work of End Rape on Campus.

One of our teachers recommended that we watch the documentary "The Hunting Ground," an experience that has opened our eyes to see how significant an issue sexual assault on college campuses is. As females we are sad to say that we do not feel safe to go to college; in fact, we are terrified. We are scared because it appears that college administrations will not do little if anything to persecute the perpetrators. In some cases administrations will suspend them for one day, expel them after graduation and even allow the perpetrator to come back onto campus after they have been removed; or the worst of all, they will do nothing. Victims are blamed for being assaulted: deans and other administrators accuse victims of wearing clothing that is too revealing and being out too late, asking how much they had to drink, and demanding to know why they did not fight their assailants off and why they didn't stop the assaults. Recent events have left us wondering what we can do to support those most affected by sexual violence, misogyny, and rape culture. That's why we are fundraising for End Rape on Campus this Giving Tuesday. We care deeply about this issue, and it would mean the world to us to have your support. Please consider making a donation, however small, today.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.